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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney?

When you're having tax troubles, your first instinct might be to hire the big guns: an experienced tax attorney who can make your problems disappear. However, not every tax issue calls for a tax lawyer. In many cases, an enrolled agent or other tax resolution specialist is just as qualified for the job—and will charge a fraction of what an IRS tax attorney will bill. How can you know which professional is right for your case? It comes down to the specific tax relief services you need. 

Tax lawyers hold law degrees and have passed the bar examination. That means they're eligible to represent you in federal tax court. They can also advise you on legal matters related to your tax filing and payment. Other tax help pros cannot counsel you in this legal capacity. However, for lesser tax problems, such as filing back taxes or getting through an IRS audit, you won't necessarily require a tax attorney. Some tax lawyers might not even take on such minor cases. 

If you live or own a business in Des Moines, you're in luck when it comes to tax relief services. Taxation Solutions, Inc. is staffed with tax lawyers and a wide array of other specialists. We're appropriately licensed to represent you in all sorts of dealings with the IRS. When you contact us to discuss your needs, we'll connect you with the best member of our team for the job. Call (515) 657-6845 for more!

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